Prepare slip pocket binding

Fuse Slip Pocket WS together. Fold Slip Pocket Binding in half lengthwise WS together. Press.

Open up and press long edges to center crease.

Fold in half again and press. Unfold Slip Pocket Binding and align to raw edges of Slip Pocket. Sew along the first crease of binding. Refold the binding, enclosing raw edges of Slip Pocket.

Sew close to inner fold of binding. Baste the assembled Slip Pocket on one Main Lining Panel all sides except the top edge.

Also top stitch the center of your Slip Pocket, starting from top edges of Slip Pocket down to Lining Main Panel. This will create two separate pocket (Fold the lining. Main Panel in half vertically and mark center). Make sure to back-stitch at the beginning and end.

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